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International Economics Institute

IEI Presentation

The International Economics Institute (IEI) is an independent inter-university centre for specialised research and education, created by the Universities of Alicante (IEI Alicante), Jaume I (IEI Castellón) and València (Estudi General) in 1995.

The prime objective of the Institute is to promote a research platform with an open nature and the highest possible academic level, within the wideranging fields of economic analysis and international relations.

The IEI receives basic financing from the Universities it belongs to for its day-to-day running. Other public and private bodies provide financing for the development of the IEI’s activity by means of projects, bilateral agreements and contracts to carry out specific work within the IEI’s specific research areas and also those which, due to their socio-economic importance, are of interest to its environment.

Current members of the Institute include lecturers and researchers in the areas of economic analysis, applied economics, financial economics and business management from all three universities, who also participate in research activity with other national and foreign bodies and institutions.

Due to its university nature, the IEI undertakes educational activity, which on one hand is linked to the responsibilities of its members themselves and, on the other hand, from a more institutional perspective, by providing academic coverage to post-graduate courses.

The Institute has a clear devotion to public service and seeks, therefore, to respond to the demand for the most applied research that emanates from both the public and private sector. Consequently, the IEI incorporates, among its activities, projects linked to governmental and corporate initiatives, which are provided with an analytical and methodological perspective in accordance with the principles and objectives of academic excellence that characterise the Institute.