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In order to explain the lines of research within the field of international accounting, it is worth bearing in mind how our group of researchers sees financial information.

Financial reporting is the mechanism used by organisations to open up to external agents, thus enabling them to take rational economic decisions. Similarly, this information also structures many of the contracts that regulate relationships within the organisation itself. It should be taken into account that financial information is the result of the accounting model, but that it is also influenced by a series of external aspects (institutional, legal, etc.), as well as the characteristic features of the organisation that actually produces it. In short, financial information is a product that includes both accounting standards and corporate incentives, which are of great importance nowadays. While there is only one single accounting model for companies listed in the EU (International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS) differences among the rest of factors remain that can result in large differences in information which could be an obstacle when it comes to favouring the smooth running of capital markets, which is the main reason behind the decision taken by the EU to adopt IFRS.

Different interesting issues are tackled from this perspective:

• Analysis of the economic consequences of accounting information

• Impact of institutional/legal differences on accounting information

• Information quality and impact on economic decisions

• International accounting diversity: IFRS vs. US GAAP.

• National accounting diversity: IFRS vs. national standards


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