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In light of the extensive and multi-discipline content that research in tourism involves, in the Institute of International Economics, regional, national and international papers and projects are carried out covering the great subject diversity in this sector. The work undertaken, therefore, focuses on vaious aspects of tourism such as: tourism planning and development, design of tourism information systems, tourism and region analysis, education and training policies in tourism, tourism sustainability, access to innovation and new technologies, study of laws and legislation, tourism impact, etc.

The general objectives of this area of research are:

1. To develop areas and instruments of research and education that enable university resources and those of its researchers to be used for public service in the area of tourism.

2. To foster collaboration among lecturers, researchers and professioals in tourism to allow tourism to be approached from multiple angles that are compatible with a high level of specialisation and experience.

3. To give a scientific, but pragmatic response to the need for theoretical knowledge and that applied to businesses and institutions in tourism.

4. To collaborate with supranational bodies in their task of regulating and developing sustainable tourism on a worldwide scale.

5. To transmit research experience, making it available to institutions and businesses and offering concrete solutions to problems analysed.

6. To make technical consultants’ knowledge available to the growing demand of developing countries that see tourism as an efficient way of achieving a higher standard of social well-being for their people.

The growing international aspect in the research area of tourism must be underlined. This has led the I.E.I. to form a part of several international research networks (such as the Urb-Al programme financed by the European Commission, FEDER projects), which has generated interesting connections with both European and South American members.


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