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The lecturers involved in the area of international trade carry out their research on two main subject areas, which, at the same time, a closely related.

The first area is the study of the determinants of international trade in goods and services. This field of analysis includes both the causes of existing specialisation patterns and also the foreseeable changes in producer allocation resulting from variations in the sources of comparative advantage are studied. One region of particular interest that has been the subject of various research projects central to the team is Mercosur, mainly in relation to its (not only trade) ties with the European Union and with Spain in particular.

The second collection of papers focuses on the analysis of international flows of productive factors. In this field, the research dedicated to foreign direct investment (FDI), which seeks to explain both the reason FDI exists (and the criteria that determines the choice of destination country) and also its cause/effect relationship with international trade flows, is of particular interest. The group recently began a new line of research with the objective of studying the determinants of international migratory processes.


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