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Pre-registration period for the IEI's PhD in International Economics and Tourism - Institute of International Economics

Pre-registration for the IEI's PhD in International Economics and Tourism is now open

The pre-registration period for the IEI's PhD program in International Economics and Tourism is open from May 15 to July 25, 2019.

The admission schedule is as follows:



                                                   ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020


                SINGLE PHASE


Pre-registration: Submission of applications

15 May to 25 July 2019

Review of applications for PhD School

26 July to 27 September 2019 (August not available)

Scale up of CAPD applications

30 September to 14 October 2019

Publication of provisional admission results

Complaints scale 

22nd October 2019

23 and 24 October 2019

Publication of final admission results

30 October 2019

Self-enrollment of new students

31 October to 6 November 2019

More information https://www.uv.es/uvweb/universidad/es/estudios-postgrado/doctorados/admision/calendario-preinscripcion-1285964405321.html

Specific requirements for the PhD program in international economics and tourism:

-Preference will be given to those who have completed the Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning and/or the Master's Degree in Economic Internationalization: Management of International Trade, associated with this doctoral program or other studies of the same level and branch of knowledge.

-Those who have studied other master's degree courses different to those indicated in the previous point may also be admitted. The Academic Committee of the doctoral program will be responsible for assessing its suitability.

-A good academic record will be appreciated; have a solid economic background in econometrics and quantitative methods; speak, read and write English correctly, in addition to Spanish. (See table of equivalencies for language accreditation https://www.uv.es/fatwireed/userfiles/file/Taula_Acred_L2-1(2).pdf

-The candidate must present a research project consistent with the lines of research of the Institute of International Economics http://iei.uv.es/areas/ and linked to a doctoral programme professor who is interested in directing such a project and with whom they have established prior contact http://iei.uv.es/investigadores/. The research project submitted must be signed by the candidate and the professor. In case of being admitted to the doctoral program, this information will be taken into account by the Academic Commission of the Doctoral Program for the assignment of director of doctoral thesis.