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Presentation of the Master promotion 18/20 - Institute of International Economics

Presentation of the Master promotion 18/20

Last Monday, September 24th, the Presentation Day of the academic year 18/19 of the Official Master in Economic Internationalization: International Trade Management took place. The aforementioned event took place in the facilities of the Research Institutes Building located on the Tarongers Campus of the University of Valencia.

The event began with a speech by the Director of the Master's Degree, Vicente Pallardó, who welcomed the new class on behalf of those in charge of the Master's Degree and the Director of the IEI, Professor Amparo Cervera Taulet, who gave a brief presentation of the Institute and the activities carried out there. He went on to explain the structure and programming of the Master's Degree, taking advantage of the moment to encourage the new students to make the most of the new academic year that is beginning.

The event was also attended by the Master's professor Haydeé Calderón García and the coordinator of the PhD program in International Economics and Tourism, Gloria Berenguer Contrí. The doctoral program was also organized and managed by the Institute of International Economics.