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Course Qualitative Data Analysis with CAQDAS NVivo 11 Plus software - Institute of International Economics

Qualitative data analysis with CAQDAS NVivo 11 Plus software

Juan Miguel Rey, professor at the University of Granada and a great specialist in the qualitative analysis of information, has given the course Qualitative data analysis with CAQDAS NVivo 11 Plus software, in the framework of the PhD program in International Economy and Tourism.

During the two-day course held at the Institute of International Economics headquarters, the students became familiar with the software by learning to work with different types of documents (videos, audios, verbatim, social networks, pdf, ...) that constitute the sources of information for analysis, both under a strictly qualitative and mixed research approach; they also exercised in its use to improve the efficiency of literature reviews. The results of the course have improved their experience and knowledge about these new research approaches.