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Mega Hydroelectric Power Plants in Patagonia - Instituto de Economía Internacional

Mega Hydroelectric Power Plants in Patagonia

On June 22, 2011, the conference-debate Mega Hydroelectric Power Plants in Patagonia (Chile) will be held, organized by the IEI and sponsored by the UNESCO Chair of the Patronat Sud-Nord (Fundación General de la Universitat de València). Dr. Pablo Szmulewicz, Director of the Institute of Tourism of the Universidad Austral de Chile and Dr. Francesc La Roca i Cervigón, Professor of the Department of Applied Economics will participate as speakers.

Patagonia is one of the last regions of the planet where the hand of man has barely entered, with natural reserves and unique biodiversity. In this enclave, the construction of five mega hydroelectric plants is being planned, on the Baker and Pascua rivers, along with electrical power lines of more than 2,400 km that will have a strong impact on the territory. In spite of this, this project responds to the energy needs of Chile, which would obtain energy independence and security through the use of water, an own, renewable and clean resource, and would also contribute to the growth and economic development of the country. During the conference, there will be a debate on whether coexistence is possible in this context. Place of the Conference: Ignasi Villalonga Hall, Facultat d'Economia (1st Floor)

Time: 12:30