New European project approved (ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean Programme)

The IEI participates in the project "NEW CITIES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA BASIN - NEWCIMED", recently approved by the European Commission with a budget of 1,792,759 euros, within the multilateral programme "Cross-border Cooperation Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme". This programme is part of the new European Neighbourhood Policy and its financing instrument (ENPI) for the period 2007-2013.

The objective of the project is the sustainable economic development of the "New Cities" of the Mediterranean basin, both in rural and urban areas, by promoting innovation in key sectors and cooperation to create synergies at international, European, national, regional and local levels. Activities will be carried out to promote the development of a stronger market economy, including measures to support the private sector and the development of SMEs in strategic areas of the participating cities. Social development will be promoted through activities that prioritise social inclusion, gender equality, non-discrimination, employment and social dialogue, supporting transnational cooperation actions for poverty reduction. Transnational cooperation activities will also be developed for the protection of historical and cultural heritage and the promotion of tourism in the new cities of the Mediterranean basin, with the aim of reducing economic imbalances and improving regional and local development.

Nine government agencies, including NGOs, from Italy, Greece, Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon are participating with the IEI.