International Economic Outlook for the 1st Quarter 2023 released

Vicente Pallardó, director of the Valenciaport Chair of Port Economics and senior researcher at the Institute of International Economics, analyzes in his new report the economic situation in the first quarter of 2023.

This latest report analyzes the issues that have impacted the economic world over the last six months: financial instability, the persistence of inflation and, in the last section, a special analysis of global public and private debt levels. As in every report, the report analyzes the current international economic situation in 7 key points and outlines the trends for the immediate future.

Professor Vicente Pallardó has prepared this study within the framework of the Valenciaport Chair of Port Economics, which he directs. "The objective is to offer the reader data, ideas and perspectives that contribute to a better understanding of the current economic reality," says the author of the report.

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