Research Areas

Corporate Information

Transparency and Disclosure

  • Financial information and capital markets
  • Financial information in the banking sector
  • Disclosure of non-financial information: social and environmental

Tourism, Culture, Sport and Services

  • Co-creation of value and relationship management in services.
  • Consumer behaviour in services.
  • Behavior of public and non-profit organizations.
  • Analysis of innovative, sustainable and comprehensive service models and impact on well-being
  • Analysis of UGC (User generated content) for the understanding of online consumer behaviour in tourism and services
  • Citizen welfare, quality of experience and quality of life

Foreign Trade

  • Foreign Trade Management
  • International Marketing
  • Analysis of international trade flows
  • Analysis of direct investment flows
  • Development aid flows

Transport and Logistics

  • Eco-efficiency
  • Port transport efficiency
  • Development of synthetic indicators of economic sustainability
  • Design of public-private agreements in transport and infrastructure networks
  • Design of algorithms for the analysis of demand in new transport and infrastructure networks
  • Design and analysis of clauses in joint venture agreements from the perspective of risk transfer and real options involved.

Environmental Economics

  • Environmental Economics (economic valuation of environmental goods with declared and revealed preference methods)
  • Subjective well-being and environmental functions
  • Environmental externalities
  • Analysis of latent classes and heterogeneity

International Economic Analysis

  • Labour market analysis and employment policies
  • Analysis and effects of monetary policies
  • Analysis and effects of fiscal policies
  • Role of the financial sector.
  • Economic situation. Analysis of the determining factors of global economic evolution, with special emphasis on the major structural changes affecting the economic world and the trajectory of international reference prices (interest rates, exchange rates and raw material prices).
  • Analysis of the relationship between inequality, human capital and economic growth

Sustainable Innovation

  • Strategic resources and capabilities for innovation
  • Sustainable innovation in companies and institutions
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship