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UNESCO Chair - Institute of International Economics

The UNESCO Chair in Development Studies and the Patronat Sud-Nord have organized a course with the intervention of Professor Pablo Szmulewicz (Director of the Institute of Tourism of the Universidad Austral de Chile) on "Design of sustainable rural tourism products in emerging destinations".

Complete Course: 30 hours. (credits: 3 ). From May 30 to June 16, 2011
Module I - Fundamentals of rural tourism 10 hours (credits: 1). From 30 May to 2 June
Module II: Design and operation of rural tourism products. From 6 to 9 June
Module III - Workshop of experiences in the design of rural tourism products From 13 to 17 June

Tuition fees: Full
Course: 72.12 euros - Members of the University of Valencia
(Students, PDI, PAS, Alumni) 90,15 Euros - General
Public per Module: 24,04 Euros - Members of the University of Valencia
(Students, PDI, PAS, Alumni). 30.05 euros - General Public

Place: Ignasi Villalonga Villalba Hall (First Floor) - Facultat d'Economia

More information and registration at: http://www.fguv.org/cursos-cooperacion

Registration deadline: Until 30 May 2011