Who we are

The Inter-University Institute of International Economics is a specialized and multidisciplinary research and training centre. Its creation in 1995 was promoted by the Universities of Alicante (IEI Alicante), Jaume I de Castellón (IEI Castellón) and Valencia (Estudi General), of which it forms part as its own inter-university Institute.

The priority objective of the Institute is to promote a platform for research, training and transfer to society, open, multidisciplinary and the highest academic level, in the broad framework of the analysis of the economy and business reality.

For its operation, the IEI receives basic funding from the Universities in which it is integrated as well as financial support from other public and private entities, through projects, agreements and contracts for specific work within the framework of the Institute's lines of research and those others that, due to their socio-economic importance, are of interest to its environment.

The IEI València currently has professors and researchers from the Departments of Economic Analysis, Marketing and Market Research, Economic Structure, Accounting, Applied Economics and Mathematics for Economics and Business, as well as researchers from other national and international institutions and organisations.

Due to its university character, the IEI develops a teaching activity linked, on the one hand, to the own responsibilities of the staff integrated in it, and on the other hand, from a more institutional perspective, giving academic coverage to different postgraduate courses. In fact, since the 2006-2007 academic year, it has been developing the Master's Degree in Economic Internationalisation -officially run by the University of Valencia- and the Doctorate in International Economics and Tourism since 2009-2010.

The IEI has a clear vocation of public service, so it aims to respond to the demand for more applied research emanating from its environment, both public and private. For this reason, it integrates among its activities projects linked to institutional and business initiatives, within the local, national and international sphere, to which it provides an analytical and methodological perspective in accordance with the principles and objectives of academic excellence that define it. All the above, under the commitment with the economic sustainability -but also environmental and socio-cultural-, the gender perspective and the welfare of society.


Amparo Cervera

Director of the Institute of International Economics - Valencia