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The Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference 2015 – Instituto de Economía Internacional

The Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference 2015

Under the NEWCIMED Project frame, researchers from the University of Valencia have developed a paper to present it at one of the most important academic and professional tourism conferences held in Europe: The Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference 2015 (ATMC), which will take place in Joensuu (Filand) next September 2015
The general outcome of the ATMC focuses on facilitating the analysis and interchange of sustainable approaches and international practices as a basis for knowledge and innovation management in tourism marketing.
The title of the paper presented is » Linking destination governance and tourists’ quality of service experience: a perspective from Mediterranean Sea Basin tourists». It was elaborated by the researchers Amparo Cervera, Carmen Pérez-Cabañero, Walesska Schlesinger and Gregorio García. This paper examines touristics’ perceptions of destination governance and explores how these perceptions are linked to tourists’ quality of service experience. The main contribution of this paper is the finding that quality of service experience emerges as an antecedent of tourists’ governance perceptions.
The conference offers a good opportunity to diffuse the research made in the frame of the Newcimed project