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Presentation of the Master Plan of the Palau dels Borja de Gandia. - Institute of International Economics

Presentation of the Master Plan of the Palau dels Borja de Gandia.


Prepared by professors Emili Aura, Haydée Calderón, Amparo Cervera and Berta Tubillejas, the Master Plan of the Palau dels Borja (PDB) of Gandia has been presented in the framework of the World Tourism Day organised by the Faculty of Economics (Forum Fortur 2021).

This Plan was drawn up within the framework of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Planning Programme of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Vice-Rectorate for Territorial Projection and Society of the University of Valencia, and assumes the compatibility of the historical values of the PDB with its sustainable use as a tourist and cultural resource with a multidisciplinary and participative approach.

As the authors pointed out, making the PDB accessible to the visitor -local, national, international- requires the construction of a narrative that allows the citizen, in addition to enjoying the visit to the PDB, to know and feel immersed in the history of one of the most relevant Valencian families, thus contextualising the historical processes of the territory in which Gandia is located.

Consequently, it is considered that the proposal for tourism valorisation and the creation of knowledge centres/networks that is made, implies the implementation of a concept of Edutainment.

This plan has been published by the Universitat de València and is available in bookshops.