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Doctoral Thesis Defense of Bárbara Vázquez Paja - Institute of International Economics

Doctoral Thesis Defense of Bárbara Vázquez Paja

On November 25th took place the reading and defense of the Doctoral Thesis: "The role of environmental awareness in the choice of mode of transport in university commuting: application to the city of Valencia" authored by Ms. Barbara Vazquez Paja in the framework of the Doctorate in International Economics and Tourism at the University of Valencia.

The thesis was supervised by Dr. María Feo Valero and Dr. Salvador del Saz Salazar of the Institute of International Economics of the University of Valencia.

The evaluating board was composed of Dr. Pedro Cantos Sánchez (Universitat de València), Dr. Raquel Espino Espino (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Dr. Amaya Isabel Vega Poncela (Atlantic Technological University).

The work was evaluated with the highest grade, outstanding cum laude.